Company Profile


1.Basic information of the company


Liangshan Zhongxing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in August 2008. It was formally put into operation in September 2009. Located in The South of Cherry Road,Liangshan Economic Development Zone, the registered capital 10 million yuan, covering an area of 34,000 square meters, with 180 staff , including more than 20 technical staff , more than 10 international marketing staff,  its annual output value is 120 million yuan.


The company won the National High-tech Enterprise title in 2013 and 2016.

In March 2012, air suspension was the first batch of technical innovation projects in Shandong province.

In December 2012, it was approved as One enterprise one technology R & D Center of Jining city.

In December 2013, it was approved as the Special vehicle parts Engineering Technology Research Center of Jining city.

In July 2014, it won the Innovative private enterprises in Shandong.

In August 2014, the "disc axle" was the third batch of technical innovation projects in Shandong province

In December 2014, it became the safety production standardization level 3 companies in Jining city.

In 2015, it is approved as the Special new company by Shandong Small and Medium Enterprises Bureau .

In 2015, it was approved as One enterprise one technology Innovative enterprise by Shandong Small and Medium Enterprises Bureau .


In 2016, it was recognized as "Enterprise technology center"in Jining

In August 2016, the “all aluminum walking mechanism” was the second batch of technical innovation projects in Shandong province.

In 2017, air suspension is selected as the first batch of new products (technology) in the key promotion catalogue in Shandong province.

From 2015 to 2017, for three consecutive years, we won the first prize of Science and Technology in Liangshan county.


Over the years the company adhering to "innovation, science and technology, service-oriented" business philosophy, " creation high-quality goods, cooperate with the semi trailer and special vehicles manufacturers by "win-win cooperation, innovation and development" idea.


2. The main products and yearly capacity


Semi trailer suspension system and light-weight type suspension system,40000 sets/year.


Special semi trailer, special vehicle suspension system and other special-shaped suspension system as customers’ request ,7000 sets/year.


Air suspension and air suspension lifting system, 12000 sets/year.


Axle beam ,50000 pieces/year.

Axles assembly 30000pieces/year.

Disc brake axles,8000pieces/year.

Chassis of hazardous chemicals vehicle,500sets/year.


Company products have three major series , more than 30 varieties. Products are mainly sold to Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Hubei, Shanxi, Anhui, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang and other more than 20 provinces and cities.


3.Our company’s science and technology input , research and development


Since our company was founded,we always keep the line of science and technology enterprises, vigorously introducing and developing technological talents,increasing input of Innovation research,formed a particular intellectual property of self-research;we have more than 20 patents, including 1 invention patent and 19 utility model patents.

In the past 3 years ,we totally put more than 8 million yuan into  research and develop,and we developed more than 10 high technical products, some as trailer air suspension(American and German type),bogie,Japan-type suspension,light-weight suspension,disc brake axle,German type axle,soft metal rubber torque arm bush,and so on.

We signed an cooperation agreement with Beijing Polytechnic University ,with respect to 《trailer air suspension system research and industrialization》.Some relevant experts,professors of Wuhan Polytechnic University,Beijing Northern vehicle research institute,come to our factory to guide the work,so we got much technical support,and solved many technical problems, it laid the technical foundation for our trailer air suspension system research and industrialization.

At present,our new products have been in volume production,and sale in the market, it makes better social and economic benefits. 


4.Company’s leading product


① Air suspension: we use dynamic simulation software to design air suspension system that is most suitable for Chinese road conditions , according to the actual road conditions to match the parameters .We are a leading company in this line of business,can replace imported air suspension system.

② Soft metal rubber torque arm bush: Using high-speed rail technology, unique automatic necking technology let torque arm has preload, extending the service life,compare to common bush,the work life extend 8--10 times,this technology is a pioneer in China.

③Disc brake axle: it automatically adjust the gap between brake clamp and brake disc to realize automatic alarm; The brake disc adopts special material, which is only radial change after heating, which increases the brake area,it is leading domestic level.